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      เว็บบอล แจกเครดิตฟรี ถอนได้


      The plete history of Cannabis in Canada, from the first crop in 1606 to the modern day legalization movement. Lavishly illustrated in black and white. The incredible untold story of four centuries of Canada's cannabis culture.

      This is the amazing, hidden history of cannabis in Canada. Filled with incredible anecdotes and true stories. A must read for anyone who cares about cannabis in Canada. Packed with information. Fully referenced.

      ?From the first hemp crops planted by French colonists, through Canadian?doctors using cannabis for fun during?the 1800s, to the dawn of prohibition and the anti-cannabis propaganda campaigns of the 1930s, and finally?the rise of the cannabis culture with?the Beats, the Hippies and then the modern mainstream.

      140 pages. Softcover. Oversize (9.5" x 13"). As seen on CBC News,?CTV News, Huffington Post, and The Province.

      Written by Dana Larsen. Illustrated by Patrick Dowers.

      * Signed copies are not personalized. Dana will write a short message like "Overgrow the Government" and add his signature.

      Click here to read excerpts from Cannabis in Canada.

      Click here to view and search all book references.

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